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I can’t remember if this recipe was given to us or if I found it on his website, but this courtesy of Dev_null, a friend of Jesse’s from #asp. This makes so much chili that I made it once for four and there was so much left over, we were still eating it a week later. This is one of those recipes where you make it for a pot luck or whenever you’re trying to feed a bunch of people. Don’t get me wrong, this chili is great, but it makes a LOT.

So why am I posting about chili during the beginning of summer? Well, Jesse was thinking about it the other day and he showed the recipe to some of his co-workers and the next thing I knew, it was being requested. The only problem is, neither Jesse or I drink beer. Well, I used to (and on some occasions will take a sip or two), so I have no idea what kind to use. Plus, what beer I did drink was imported and I’m not sure if Corona would taste all that great with it (I learned how to drink in Mexico, give me a break). When I made it before, I used chicken broth which was fine. However, I’m going to leave it up to the people who are going to be eating it. Do I use beer or chicken broth? If I use beer, what kind do I use? The plan is to make this in two weeks, so people have two weeks to give their input.  There is a poll in the sidebar, so go cast your vote.  I’ll be back in two weeks to give commentary on the recipe while I make it.

3/4 of a lb of bacon
1 lb of chicken breasts
1 lb of stew beef
1 lb of sausage
1 can (24 oz) of chicken broth or beer
1 can (32 oz) diced tomatoes
1 can (16oz) kidney beans
1 can (8oz) tomato paste
2/3 tsp black pepper
2 bouillon cubes
2-2/3 tsp ground cumin
1-1/3 tsp garlic powder
2-2/3 tsp mustard
2-2/3 tsp oregano
2 celery stalks
1 large green bell peppers
2 large onions
5 oz cornstarch (optional)
16 oz Salsa (garnish)
24 oz shredded Monterey Jack cheese (garnish)
12 oz sour cream (garnish)
24 flour tortillas


  1. Chop the stew beef and brown. Add to crock.
  2. Chop the bacon into small pieces. Fry bacon preserving grease. Fry the vegetables in the bacon pieces. Moisten mixture with beer. Add to crock.
  3. Brown the sausage. Chop the chicken into small pieces. Fry the chicken in the sausage. Moisten mixture with beer. Drain fat from sausage/chicken mix. Add to crock.
  4. Add diced tomatoes, bullion cubes, and spice (to taste) to crock. Add beer to keep mixture moist.
  5. Simmer for 2-4 hours.
  6. Add tomato paste and beans. Add beer as needed to keep moist. Add cornstarch if you added to much beer. Simmer more. (total 12-24 hours)
  7. Serve with tortillas, salsa, cheese and sour cream. Substitute chicken broth for the beer when needed

May 20, 2008 В· jackie В· 3 Comments
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  1. Mick I - May 20, 2008

    Believe it or not the cheaper the better.

    I recommend “Old Milwaukee” for Cooking.

    But for drinking … Any good American Lager (Budweiser, Labatt’s, etc) or Something like Sam Adam’s Summer ale goes great with Chili.


  2. jackie - May 20, 2008

    I was thinking of something along the lines of a Sam Adams lager…

  3. dev_null - August 17, 2008

    For the record I created this recipe on my own from scratch. The portions are sized for big hungry people so expect leftovers. I have tried a couple different beers and use whatever works for you. I agree that cheap beer works well (try it in rice) but even though I don’t drink it, I prefer Bud as my base.

    Also I have a spreadsheet which has the portions calculated so you can plug in how many people you want to feed and it will tell you exact amounts and approx cost.

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