Handy Scraper

When I first came across the Handy Scraper, I wasn’t too impressed with it. It’s a flat piece of plastic for $6. However, I ended up getting one and I’m loving it.

I’m one of those cooks who dices with a knife and then picks up the pieces with said knife to transfer the items to the bowl. This method has always worked for me, but I always had to do it multiple times in order to get everything off the cutting board. I can’t remember when I initially came across the Handy Scraper, but I remember thinking at the time “it’s not worth it to me for $6”. My attitude has so changed. I mean, not only did it take a few trips with the knife to get everything over to the cutting board, but I couldn’t load up the knife because I was always afraid of cutting myself. With the Handy Scraper, I don’t have that fear anymore. Plus, I can get everything in one scoop and it actually slides along the cutting board easier.

This is what really sold it for me. Running the Handy Scraper across the cutting board and not having really any friction, so it was one smooth operation. Have you tried doing that with a knife?

January 8, 2009 В· jackie В· 6 Comments
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