The Scoops

Seriously, this is probably my all time favorite product so far. Yes, the garlic press is great (and they just announced it’s been redesigned), but nothing beats the Scoops. There are three different sizes – Small/1 tbsp, Medium/2 tbsp, and Large/3 tbsp – and I have been enjoying the Medium/2 tbsp Scoop so much. I’ve been making a ton of cookies and this thing has been making it a breeze.

Tonight when Jesse requested No-Bake Cookies at 10pm, my biggest concern was the time it takes to spoon out the cookies. I usually have no problem making these since they are a quick and easy recipe, but spooning the cookies onto wax paper is time consuming; however, tonight, I was able to get these out in record time. The Medium/2 tbsp Scoop not only allowed me to do this quickly, but it was a lot cleaner as well. When you use two different spoons to make No-Bake cookies, there always seems to be drippage from the pan to the table, but I didn’t have that problem this time. I only had to use the one Medium/2 tbsp Scoop and since it has an enclosed area, there wasn’t anything on the wax paper except the cookies I was laying out. It was awesome.

Now the only thing Jesse remarked on was that he would have liked it if I had used the Small/1 tbsp Scoop instead of the Medium/2 tbsp Scoop simply because of the size of the cookies. The Medium/2 tbsp Scoop is great for chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies, but Jesse likes smaller No-Bake cookies so he can enjoy them longer. So it’s all a matter of preference, but seriously, for anyone who makes a lot of cookies, this is the perfect tool to have in your kitchen. I’m already planning on getting the other two Scoops.

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