Featured Product: Collapsible Bowls

I have found the perfect bowl. The Pampered Chef has this line of collapsible bowls that have been extremely useful. They are made of this soft silicon style rubber that make it easy to pop them up and down, plus they also come with lids. In three different sizes – 2qt, 4qt and 8qt – they have been great to use for dinner outside by the fire. Swarming flies are no longer issue when having picnics outside. One of my favorite perks is that I can collapse them and stick them in the dishwasher and they come out completely cleaned. Considering how much space a normal bowl takes up, I can stack them vertically and still have room for other dishes. I have even been able to use them as a mixing bowl and they haven’t collapsed on me while stirring. I’ve already determined that I’m going to get an extra set of the 2 & 4 qt bowls and I can’t wait to get the 8qt. If you’ve been looking for a new set of all-purpose bowls, look no further than the Collapsible Bowl line from the Pampered Chef.

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