Grandma’s Cider

Since it’s the holidays, I thought I would put up my Grandma Britten’s cider recipe (that and I’m getting ready to make it). I love this recipe and it’s an old holiday tradition, one I’m always looking forward to. Ingredients: 1 gallon cider 1/2 cup orange juice 1/4 cup lemon juice 2 tbsp sugar 3 […]

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Mom’s Soft Sugar Cookies

These are the sugar cookies that I used to make with my own mother when I was little and now I got to bake them with my own son. Ian had a blast cutting out the shapes and watching us frost them. There is one thing I did change. The nutmeg in the recipe just […]

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Mint Patties

This is actually a recipe from my grandmother that my mom seems to love, yet I’m not sure what I think about it. While we were doing the holiday baking this weekend, we added this to our list when we realized we had all the ingredients. This is actually a really good recipe if you […]

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York Peppermint Brownies

I love anything mint, so what better brownie to make than one that incorporated york peppermint patties? The first thing I will say about this is you need to refrigerate the York peppermint patties at least 24 hours before making this. Cutting them up was a little interesting and they all stuck together so it […]

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Macaroni Salad

So my mother (and grandmother) make this absolutely great macaroni salad that I love. However, my husband isn’t too crazy about it since they add tuna fish to it and he can’t stand seafood (woe is me). So I decided to come up with my own recipe with the family recipe as a base. I’ll […]

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Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake

It’s was moving day at the job, so Jesse and his colleagues needed some uplifting and since we just got his Aunt Terry’s chocolate cheesecake recipe, we figured why not. However, I’m adding a strawberry topping to it instead of the raspberry I’ve been experimenting with.  We already know the cheesecake is good, or in […]

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Chocolate Cheesecake

This recipe actually belongs to Jesse’s Aunt Terri and it’s one that his entire family loves. Terri usually makes it for Thanksgiving every year and I do have to say that it is tasty….and rich. Jesse has been after me to try and make it for awhile now and with the Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake experiments, […]

August 16, 2008 · jackie · 3 Comments
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Oreo Dark Chocolate Cake (aka Ian’s Birthday Cake)

This is the cake I made for Ian’s first birthday and I know Jesse was sharing the description around at work, so I decided to make it for them this weekend. It’s a really delicious cake that’s fairly easy to make as long as you have a little patience or not quite the perfectionist that […]

June 1, 2008 · jackie · 3 Comments
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Triple Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

I came up with this recipe when one of Jesse’s co-workers requested food and I found out he liked chocolate and peanut butter. That happens to be one of my all time favorite taste combinations. You want to make my day, give me something that has both chocolate and peanut butter and I will love […]

April 1, 2008 · jackie · One Comment
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