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Florentine Brunch Casserole

I was browsing through the Pampered Chef’s All the Best cookbook and I was seeing a lot of recipes that I wanted to try.  So I picked up a copy.  One of those recipes was the Florentine Brunch Casserole and Jesse gave me the excuse I needed to try it when he suggested more food […]

July 31, 2009 · jackie · 21 Comments
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Garden Vegetable Omelet

The Pampered Chef has these eight different recipes that all use the same idea – making the dish end up looking like either a ring, braid or wreath.  Basically, it’s bread stuffed with a casserole and some of the dishes actually look really tempting.  I’ve already made the Chicken and Broccoli Ring, which I also […]

July 31, 2009 · jackie · 22 Comments
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Rice Cooker

This is my new favorite tool to have in the kitchen and for all the wrong reasons!  Have you ever had one of those cravings late at night and could do nothing about it?  You know the ones, where you want a big slice of chocolate cake (or any kind)?  I know I have and […]

July 30, 2009 · jackie · 22 Comments
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Bistro Chicken Twist

I recently bought one of the Pampered Chef cookbooks, All the Best, and there were a few recipes in it I wanted to try.  Today, Jesse came me a reason to when he asked for something to take into work with him.  A couple of months ago, I was browsing through a copy and found […]

July 13, 2009 · jackie · 26 Comments
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