Rice Cooker

This is my new favorite tool to have in the kitchen and for all the wrong reasons!  Have you ever had one of those cravings late at night and could do nothing about it?  You know the ones, where you want a big slice of chocolate cake (or any kind)?  I know I have and […]

July 30, 2009 · jackie · 22 Comments
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Featured Product: Collapsible Bowls

I have found the perfect bowl. The Pampered Chef has this line of collapsible bowls that have been extremely useful. They are made of this soft silicon style rubber that make it easy to pop them up and down, plus they also come with lids. In three different sizes – 2qt, 4qt and 8qt – […]

June 29, 2009 · jackie · 22 Comments
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Oven Pad

I have found an oven pad that I am loving.  I am not a fan of the oven mitts or the glove looking things.  I always feel like they are more in the way than letting me do what I need to do.  However, I just got the one Pampered Chef sells and this thing […]

April 14, 2009 · jackie · 22 Comments
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The Scoops

Seriously, this is probably my all time favorite product so far. Yes, the garlic press is great (and they just announced it’s been redesigned), but nothing beats the Scoops. There are three different sizes – Small/1 tbsp, Medium/2 tbsp, and Large/3 tbsp – and I have been enjoying the Medium/2 tbsp Scoop so much. I’ve […]

January 22, 2009 · jackie · One Comment
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Handy Scraper

When I first came across the Handy Scraper, I wasn’t too impressed with it. It’s a flat piece of plastic for $6. However, I ended up getting one and I’m loving it. I’m one of those cooks who dices with a knife and then picks up the pieces with said knife to transfer the items […]

January 8, 2009 · jackie · 22 Comments
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A feature I am going to try to do each week (or month, we’ll see how it goes) is going to be a “featured product”. Something I’ve used and love and think others will as well. For the first installment, this weeks featured product is the Cut-N-Seal. I wasn’t initially interested in this item until […]

December 22, 2008 · jackie · 23 Comments
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