Black Bean Salsa Bread

Since we tried the Easy Bread recipe by Marcia Passos Duffy via the The Heart of New England and it was really good, we figured we could make a couple of specialty breads with it.  So here’s our attempt at Black Bean Salsa bread.  It still needs a little work (we’re thinking it needs some […]

November 25, 2009 · jackie · 22 Comments
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Potato Bread

I have to admit, I’ve tried this recipe and I like this recipe, but I don’t really have anything else to say. It is one I make a lot though. Ingredients: 2 tbsp butter or margarine 1-1/2 cups water 2 tsp water 2 tsp salt 4 cups bread flour 4 tsp sugar 1/2 cup instant […]

March 12, 2009 · jackie · 29 Comments
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Peanut Butter and Jelly Bread

This was better than I thought it would be. It’s still kind of weird, but I have to admit, I liked the peanut butter and jelly flavoring in the bread. It’s definitely a bread that doesn’t need a lot of extra on it, but I could see using jam instead of butter when serving. This […]

February 5, 2009 · jackie · 21 Comments
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Whole Wheat Bread

This recipe tends to be a little dry, but I’m not sure what could be added to moisten it up. Otherwise, it’s really good. This is probably the one bread machine recipe we make all the time. Ingredients: 1 cup milk 3 tbsp water 4 tsp honey (or sugar) 1 tbsp butter or margarine 1-1/2 […]

January 30, 2009 · jackie · No Comments
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Chocolate Chip Bread

This is one of those bread recipes that Jesse gets cravings for every so often. It’s kind of like a chocolate chip cookie, but better for you since it’s a bread and not a cookie. 🙂 It’s actually really easy to make and there are a lot of times that I don’t measure the chocolate […]

October 24, 2008 · jackie · No Comments
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Pumpkin Bread

This bread was really good. Reminded me a lot of pumpkin pie (go figure). Overall, I am definitely making this bread again. Word of caution, when we first made this, I have two quick settings on my machine and I chose the shortest amount of time (58 mins). This wasn’t a smart move. We ended […]

November 21, 2007 · jackie · 21 Comments
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