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Rice Cooker

This is my new favorite tool to have in the kitchen and for all the wrong reasons!  Have you ever had one of those cravings late at night and could do nothing about it?  You know the ones, where you want a big slice of chocolate cake (or any kind)?  I know I have and […]

July 30, 2009 · jackie · 22 Comments
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Featured Product: Collapsible Bowls

I have found the perfect bowl. The Pampered Chef has this line of collapsible bowls that have been extremely useful. They are made of this soft silicon style rubber that make it easy to pop them up and down, plus they also come with lids. In three different sizes – 2qt, 4qt and 8qt – […]

June 29, 2009 · jackie · 22 Comments
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Oven Pad

I have found an oven pad that I am loving.  I am not a fan of the oven mitts or the glove looking things.  I always feel like they are more in the way than letting me do what I need to do.  However, I just got the one Pampered Chef sells and this thing […]

April 14, 2009 · jackie · 22 Comments
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Earning Extra Income

If anyone is interested in learning more, let me know.

April 8, 2009 · jackie · No Comments
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Pheasant Recipes

Our neighbor gave us a bunch of pheasant recently and I have no idea how to cook it.  They loaned us their copy of Essential Game Bird Recipes by Pheasants Forever to get some ideas and since I have to give it back, you can expect to find a few pheasant recipes getting posted over […]

April 3, 2009 · jackie · 20 Comments
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Spreading the Love

Just thought I would point everyone to this snazzy article I found about OSC.  The site, Cooperation, appears to be about promoting anything and everything Open Source related and I’m thrilled that they spotlighted us on their site.  It’s always a good feeling when I find someone out there who gets what I’m actually trying […]

February 25, 2009 · jackie · No Comments
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Cool Whip & Raspberry Summer Sensation

I had completely forgotten about this recipe book I picked up at the grocery store. All it has are recipes made from Jell-O and Cool Whip. A lot of them look really easy, but would make a great presentation. The type of presentation that will make you look like an excellent cook. So I went […]

February 16, 2009 · jackie · 24 Comments
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Answering Fanmail!

For those who have been reading OSC for awhile, you’ve probably seen the Recipes & Copyright Law post I did a couple weeks ago.  Since then, I’ve been finding and receiving quite a few nasty comments regarding OSC (and myself).  The comments themselves really don’t bother me – they’re just petty and juvenile. What does […]

February 16, 2009 · jackie · 5 Comments
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Recipes & Copyright Law

This may seem like a weird post to have on a recipe sharing site, but there’s been some questions regarding some of the recipes I’ve been posting and whether or not I’m breaking copyright law by including them here. For the record, recipes are exempt from copyright law, so sharing lists of ingredients and directions […]

January 29, 2009 · jackie · 48 Comments
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The Scoops

Seriously, this is probably my all time favorite product so far. Yes, the garlic press is great (and they just announced it’s been redesigned), but nothing beats the Scoops. There are three different sizes – Small/1 tbsp, Medium/2 tbsp, and Large/3 tbsp – and I have been enjoying the Medium/2 tbsp Scoop so much. I’ve […]

January 22, 2009 · jackie · One Comment
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